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by | Oct 22, 2019

Justin Pearl
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7 Questions with Tyler Davis one of the nations top basketball players.

February 2015*


JP: When did you know that basketball was your sport?

TD: Around my eighth grade year when I moved from California to Texas. I hadn’t had much basketball experience and I was always so big I played football but going into my ninth grade year that’s when I figured out basketball was the sport I loved.


JP: Who do you model your game after?

TD: There were a few people I watched growing up like Lamarcus Aldridge, Kevin Love and old school guys like Shaq you know just watching him finish over his right shoulder with his right hand… that’s just tough to do so I just take notes and learn from the greats and the guys that’s paving the way right now.


JP: What are your team goals for this year?

TD: Win states that’s definitely the goal… we’re hoping on winning out but definitely the main goal is to win State Championship this year.


JP: How have you enjoyed playing on this team?

TD: Its been a blessing really with not being able to play last year and being able to play with some of the guys I played with over the summer and just building a good relationship with all my coaches and every single one of my teammates and not just the guys who are tight. Its just has made it so much easier and so much fun and road games are fun you just come in with your boys and you have a good relationship with your coaches you can just talk about anything with them it just makes it so much easier and better.


JP: What will you miss most about High School basketball?

TD: Uh, so many things….oh that’s a tough one, so many things. Probably just competing and working in practice just getting better and building that bond with your teammates. I mean I love the rivalry games I love the crowd but just practice for me is the thing I’ll miss the most.


JP: Why did Texas A&M stand out more than the other colleges?

TD: I really had a good relationship with Coach Kennedy, Coach Keller the whole coaching staff…they came to every single one of my games they showed me a lot of love, there’s a lot of colleges who do that too but I just felt really comfortable with these guys, I can really trust these guys. You know I need people I can trust and who is going to take care of me, so that was probably the biggest thing for me and also I just know they are going to depend on me as a freshman and they are going to work me and make me get better and help take my game to another level so that probably was the biggest thing.


JP: Are you hoping to go pro?

TD: Definitely that’s a dream that I’m chasing right now and its an everyday process you know its one day at a time you can’t make it happen in just one day but its one day at a time for sure. So hopefully if I keep working I can make that dream come true.


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